SPREEX is a Google Analytics aggregator

Spreex is designed to help you develop better understanding of your website’s traffic. Spreex uses the matrix collected by Google analytics in order to paint a clear picture of basic and advanced visitor’s statistics. Spreex can capture and archive the top content on a website in order to compare UX changes. Sitemap generator and analyzer are also included to help with SEO.

Traffic Analysis

Get a day by day breakdown of all your web properties visitors. Browsers, keywords, traffic sources, top content, entry and exit pages.

Behavioral Analysis

Generate and save screenshots of your content every day in order to analyze traffic parents based on content.

Spreex is a product of Inverted Software

Inverted Software

Reporting, SEO and all in one access point

Export data to Microsoft Excel, Generate Google sitemaps, check for dead links and get visual page breakdowns.

Do you work with Microsoft Excel to process reporting? Easily export all the data in Spreex to an Excel spreadsheet.

See visual charts of traffic by web property or by page.

Generate sitemaps from links found on your site. Then validate all of the links in your sitemap for better SEO.